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All of us is a network founded in 2018 in Sweden that works for more diversity and inclusion within the creative industry. We want to create a better picture of Sweden, increase cultural and ethical diversity and as a result increase creativity and create better communication. Find out more here

CIA: Chicks in Advertising is a meet up group that brings people together who are passionate about advertising, to encourage more women to enter the creative industries. Find out more here

Nettwerk is a platform for managers and freelancers from the fields of media, PR, marketing and communication. This is where women meet, for whom professional networking and personal and professional development are important – with a lot of knowledge and enjoyment of professional exchange.  Find out more here

SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. So browse around, sign-up for a chapter in your city and join any of our free events.
Find out more here

Ad Women is a global register of female talent, within the advertising industry. The initiative was started in 2016 by the founders Lina Franzon and Johanna Johansson , with the purpose of forever killing the argument “there are no female creatives” and facilitate for employers to create a more diverse workplace. Find out more here

Where Are The Boss Ladies, is a crowd-sourced list of 1,000+ female executive leaders in advertising, redefining leadership with new role models. Find out more here

The Doyennes is a website showcasing brilliant women doing brilliant things. Founded by political scientist Maggie Alva and Art Director Anna Vaagland, with the simple goal of increasing proper female representation in the media. Find out more here

MORE GRLS, Laura Florence and Camila Moletta, created MORE GRLS. The first roadmap to female creative talent in advertising, design and content. Find out more here

Culture Heroes, A UK based initiative with the mission to create and support the next generation of BAME leadership, across the creative industries of Advertising, Design, Technology. Find out more here

Más Mujeres Creativas is the collaborative platform that works in favor of equal opportunities and visibility for women working in the spanish advertising industry. Find out more here. was born in 2017 as the first community for women in advertising in Argentina, which has today expanded to Chile, Peru, Mexico and Miami (US Hispanic). It works mainly with two objectives: more diversity and equality in the creative teams and more gender perspective in communications. To achieve this, organizes different kind of non-profit activities like mentorships, workshops, events, research, campaigns and innovative projects among others. Find out more here

Women Empowered Global is an award-winning non-profit platform that empowers women across the world by delivering leadership building, networking, career advancement, and entrepreneurial opportunities and programs. 23 countries, across 6 continents, with a world-wide reach of over 4,000+ members and 37 global partners, including women in business, business leaders, global influencers, millennials, start-up founders, women in leadership & management from corporate, industrial & STEM sectors. Find out more here.

For Creative Girls is a semi-educational platform that provides all the resources and channels the Female Creative (Content, Mentorship, Classes, Inspiration) needs to grow and be successful. We are a Social Enterprise that champions women engaged in the Creative world, showcasing them and inspiring upcoming female creatives to flourish. Find out more here.

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