JinJa Birkenbeuel

  • CEO, Birk Creative
  • Executive Jury - USA

JinJa is the CEO of Birk Creative, a multichannel brand strategy, digital transformation and visual identity agency, founder of The Honest Field Guide podcast, a songwriter in the band Utah Carol, and a business coach for underrepresented businesses, especially women-owned businesses. Always looking to future growth, she’s moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 with the launch of the company’s first music non-fungible token (NFT) called Rodeo Queen on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Recently honored with a Female Frontier Award for Transforming Technology and profiled in Fast Company magazine, JinJa graced the cover of Graphic Design USA’s People to Watch 2021. Her COVID-19 public health campaign for Advocate Healthcare, designed to reach historically underserved communities, was named a finalist in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards. She is credited as a collaborating architect of Google’s Digital Coaches Program, Google’s training initiative for underrepresented US-based business owners. And, as a personal brand trainer, JinJa is passionate about creating economic opportunities for businesses currently underrepresented on the web. She launched the Journey of Gratitude Books to help small American businesses that were severely impacted during the pandemic. The “Journey of Gratitude” featured three hand-selected American and Midwestern women artists to give them visibility and complimentary copies of a custom-designed book, subsidized by Birk Creative. Prior to Birk Creative, JinJa was brand strategist at Andersen, Lipman Hearne, Field Museum and other small brand strategy businesses in Chicago. Her specialties include writing, brand development, social media strategy, personal brand and thought leadership training, women's business initiatives, brand transformation, digital transformation, brand management. JinJa is on the founding board of The Women in Entrepreneurship Institute at DePaul University's Coleman Entrepreneurship Center. It is the nation’s first comprehensive Institute for women founders that integrates academic learning, research, incubation, funding and public policy. She is also a founding member of The Jewish-Black Business Alliance, a foundation focused on economic justice and based on the social justice legacy of the American Jew and their advocacy of Blacks during Jim Crow.

JinJa	Birkenbeuel