Alexandra Roussel

  • Senior Executive Producer, Eddy TV, France
  • Executive Jury

Beginning in 1991 with her first Production company, Alfred Productions, Alexandra ROUSSEL worked with directors such as Claude Chabrol and Laurent Heynemann and produced television commercials for such well-known advertising agencies as well as providing production services for their foreign production houses.for the South America and Caribean Market .

In 1997, moved to Paris , Alexandra freelanced as production manager for various production companies in Paris and worked on TV commercials, music videos and short films until 2000 when she was hired to manage and develop the international department of The Gang Films in Paris.

In 2004, Alexandra left The Gang Films to manage, develop and produce commercials for the French and international markets (Asia, The Middle East, South America and Europe) for Dog Productions, a production arm of Luc Besson’s Europa Corp. There she represented TV commercial and feature film directors including as well as top directors from Thailand, Argentina, Israel, Italy, Finland, and Germany. She also established a partnership with Michael Bay’s L.A.’s production house, The Institute, which represented some of Dog’s stable of directors on the West Coast.

While at Dog Productions, she produced more than 50 commercials for major advertising agencies and such prestigious clients working with incredibly talented directors, the best crews in Paris and famous directors of photography, production designers, hair stylists and make-up artists as well as with the best post production services in Paris .

After six years of very rewarding and successful productions, Alexandra left Dog Productions in 2010 to create her own company, CHOCOLAT ROUGE, where she offered her extraordinary production expertise to her clients .
2015 She put her company on hold to explore other opportunities such as working for beauty and fashion films for 1 Year freelancing . 
And In 2016 she decided to integrate a talented commercial film production based in Paris as a senior executive producer . Now producing advertising films for Tv , digital media and mix media . 
Managing directors with different scales ,she works with international and French advertising agencies Middle East , China , Japan , Korea and Europe .. 
She is passionate and always stays connected and open to new avenues of producing such as long formats , feature , tv series.
 .” It is within our power to make decisions and take actions that elevate and strengthen our positive side .Everyday I try to express as much as I can who I wish to be choosing the positive path in everything I Do “…

Alexandra Roussel